Fund the Trust or the Trust Fails

If you have a revocable trust (sometimes called an inter vivos trust or living trust)one of the key steps is the proper funding of that trust. This entails the transfer and assignment of your assets to your trust. For example, you will need to change the ownership and title on your bank accounts and brokerage accounts to the name of the trust. Any real estate that you own should also be transferred to your trust.

So what if you don't get something transferred or forget about something? Depending on the laws of your state and the particular type of asset, it may be necessary to have your entire estate go through the probate administration process. Obviously, this negates one of the primary benefits of using a trust in the first place.

In summary, after you execute your trust document, it is just as important to make the necessary changes in the ownership status of your assets. Consult with your attorney to make sure the proper changes are made.


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