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I'm Only [insert age] Years Old, So I don't Need a Will.

A common question that I get is "when do I need a will?"  Not everyone needs a will, but there are a few situations where a will becomes pretty important in allowing your friends and family to handle your final affairs.  Some examples of key situations: Young children - Your will can indicate your preference as to who will be raising your kids.  This issue can be ripe with conflict if there are multiple individuals that love your children and want the job.  That love can lead to competition.  A Will can calm that storm, or at least help.  Real estate - If you own real estate, your will provides directions on how it is handled and distributed, but it also allows your personal representative to handle its disposition easier and without court involvement.   Second marriage with children from prior marriage- you love your current spouse, and you love your children from a prior relationship, but that doesn't mean your spouse and kids will always love each other. You