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Second Marriages and Estate Planning

Not every marriage works out.  Duh.  Sometimes, after one ends, another marriage begins and several challenges begin.  You have the challenges of "mixing" families together, learning about snoring patterns, and discovering a new person.  You also frequently have the challenge of dealing with estate planning.  I'll skip the issues with snoring and focus on some of the estate planning points. If you are smart...and brave...bring up the subject of a premarital agreement (or a "prenup" if you prefer).  Just don't wait until you are on the way to the ceremony.  Not exactly a romantic subject and many people will steer clear of it because of the delicateness of the topic.  (" You think we are going to get divorced!?! ")  The premarital agreement can provide protection for each other, not only in the event of a divorce, but also upon the death of one of you.  Remember: you can't disinherit your spouse as part of your will or trust estate plan aft