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"Trust Mill" Fines of $6.4 million in Ohio

The Ohio Supreme Court fined two California-based companies multi-million dollar fines for the unauthorized practice of law. The operation apparently involved telemarketers and salespeople persuading elderly residents of purchasing a living trust in order to avoid exaggerated fees and costs at their death. Apparently, over 3,000 Ohio residents were convinced to purchase the products, which were from non-attorneys, although "approved" by an Ohio attorney, despite not speaking with the client. The Ohio Supreme Court was not thrilled with the performance of legal services by non-attorneys and handed down the hefty fines. Living Trusts (or revocable trusts or inter vivos trusts - all the same) can be an effective estate planning tool . The determination of whether it is an appropriate plan for you should be carefully considered after consultation with an attorney (not a salesman or telemarketer) who is familiar with estate planning. After the trust is established, it is als