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Take That Step

This past year, I had the opportunity to go skydiving. What a blast! I had wanted to skydive for a while so I was anxious to jump out. However,  when you are on the edge of the plane door, looking out at the ground several thousand feet below you, a slight pause is a natural feeling. Thinking about your possible demise can be unnerving. Similarly, sometimes doing your estate planning can have the same feeling.  Unfortunately death is a certainty for all of us and it doesn't necessarily get any easier later on. As I stood on the edge of the plane, I didn't pause long as my tandem guide jumper basically pushed me out (with him and the parachute thankfully).  My job as your estate planning attorney is to do the same thing. Push you out of the plane!  Or, better yet, to get your affairs in order (just in case that parachute doesn't open).