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Top Ten Questions About Iowa Probate

The masses have demanded it, so finally, the top ten questions about the probate process in Iowa (hold your applause until the end): Can an out-of-state person be an executor? Yes, despite what many attorneys tell their clients.  However, there is an Iowa statute that provides an Iowa resident should be appointed with a non-Iowa resident who is serving as a personal representative.  However, I have routinely had judges approve a non-Iowa resident to serve alone, under certain conditions.  (Property of the decedent stays in Iowa; use Iowa bank for the account; etc.) Do we have to go through full probate?   Ready for the classical legal answer?  Maybe.  (7 years of college for that answer.)  The first step is an analysis of how assets are owned and whether there were any named beneficiaries.  If everything is owned jointly or has a beneficiary, it may not be necessary to go through the probate process.  If there are other assets, as long as they aren't greater than $25,000 in