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Anna Nicole Smith's Will = How Not to Plan Your Estate

Anna Nicole Smith was not a stranger to the court system during her short life and it appears that her legal disputes will continue on beyond her early death. Her will , which was filed in a California court, is generating some controversy in the news and legal community under its provisions as drafted. While it isn't even clear what state's (or country's) laws will apply, the will as currently filed specifically inherits any future children or spouses and leaves everything to her now deceased son. This 2001 will apparently was not updated since the tragic death of her son and birth of her daughter. As a result, the circular question now remains: if the sole beneficiary predeceased her, and her infant child (& husband Howard Stern) are specifically disinherited, who is entitled to receive her estate? The first step is going to be to try and find what court the fight should take place. Was she a California resident? Or was she a Bahamian as she had her house and