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How to Own Land in Iowa...Let Me Count the Ways

Well, in the past week, I had 3 different calls involving issues of how land was owned and resulting problems when one of the owners passed away.  It is not unusual, apparently, for individuals to prepare their own deeds or to not have deeds provided to them not reviewed by experts (and no, realtors and bankers don't necessarily qualify as experts in this area).  Sometimes, even attorneys have problems with these issues.  (Probably those attorneys that graduated from the University of Iowa.)   (Sidenote to realtors, bankers and Iowa law grads - please enjoy the good-natured humor.  For the Iowa law grads, ask a Drake law grad to read these big words to you.) Listed below are the more common options on ownership of real property in Iowa that could be placed on a deed with joint ownership.  Note two things I just indicated:  these comments apply to real property (you know, land, dirt, back 40...not your car) and land located in Iowa .  These same rules may not apply in Louisiana,