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Economy Affecting Estate Planning - Only 35% of Americans Have a Will

A new survey by the Harris Poll for recently reported that even fewer Americans have estate plans in place . According to the poll, only 35% of Americans have a will in place. This is down from 45% only 2 years earlier. Apparently, individuals are focusing on their short-term needs as the economy continues to lag and job security continues to be an issue. While keeping food on the table is critical, putting your estate plan matters in place is also important. With young children, second marriages, children from prior marriages and beneficiaries with creditor problems, the lack of an estate plan can create significant emotional and financial hardship on a family. When looking for an attorney to handle your estate planning when cost is an issue, look at attorneys that offer flexible payments or those that allow you to pay by credit card (not that increasing your credit card balance is good, but it does offer some ability to pay over time.) Hint: contact me.