Preserving Your Assets and Possessions

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and visit with Gabriel Glynn of Iowa's Asset Protection Specialists, LLC (APS) about his business.  After learning about the services they offer, I believe that his company offers an excellent supplement and expansion to the "standard" estate planning.  Basically, APS will come to your house and inventory all of your belongings by video and photographic means.  They will also scan any important receipts, which can document prices paid for certain items and they will also scan other important documents.  After their inventorying job is complete, APS will provide you with a complete copy of the inventory as well as maintain two separate back-ups.

Imagine trying to replace all of the items in your house following a flood, fire or burglary.  Not easy, eh?  With the APS system, imagine how much easier it would be to complete an insurance claim when you have a verifiable record of those assets lost.  Or, what about trying to determine the assets that your parents have and how they should be divided? There are multiple uses for the asset inventory.

Most people will continue to accumulate assets over their life - some of which may be valuable.  Even for those non-valuable assets, they are not easily replaced.  Family heirlooms, antiques and collectibles can hold special value and history that could be lost if not preserved properly.

I would encourage you to contact Gabriel Glynn at APS and learn more about what they can do for you.


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