Iowa Inheritance Taxes

The "Death tax" is alive and well in Iowa. Iowa currently has an inheritance tax system in place. What this means is that the person who inherits the property will determine if tax is owed or not. Compared to an estate tax system, where the size of the estate determines where tax is owed or not. (Although if the total estate is less than $25,000, there is no Iowa Inheritance tax imposed.)

Iowa has an unlimited exemption from inheritance taxes for surviving spouses, charities and lineal descendants/ascendants. If the recipient fits into any of those categories, there is no Iowa inheritance tax.

If the recipient is outside those categories, the tax will vary based upon the amount of the inheritance and the relationship to the decedent. The Iowa Department of Revenue's table illustrates how the tax is computed and the different tax rates applicable.

If any tax is owed, it is due on the 30th day of the ninth month following the date of decedent's death.


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