Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Looking to Disinherit Your Spouse? Now an Iowa Court Tells You How

I have a post about an interesting ruling by an Iowa district court on disinheriting your spouse on the Iowa Law Blog.


Karolina said...

I know NY does allow you to disinherit your spouse but not children. Does the rule apply to children over 18 years old? What if the parent put all the money in one sibling's account to be able to receive SSI etc. and did not leave a Will to divide the money after his/her passing?

Matthew Gardner said...

In Iowa, you can disinherit your children, generally speaking. As to moving assets around, if you are talking about Medicaid eligibility "planning", that is a longer answer. An important point is that how property passes at death is first based on the ownership structure, not the provisions of a will.